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Change in Counseling Services Effective 1 April 2022

Giving Health is excited to announce the selection of LifeWorks as our new counseling provider. LifeWorks is the nation’s largest provider of counseling services. Our partnership will provide you with more timely access to counselors and a more diverse list of counseling services.

Effective 1 April 2022, for Giving Health Members, the phone number to call to access counseling will change. Please note this change on your Member ID Card, Welcome Letter, and your phone contact list.


The new counseling intake phone number is:


If you are currently receiving counseling, nothing will change on 1 April – you will continue with your existing counselor until your sessions are completed. Future counseling sessions will be scheduled using the above phone number..

Beginning 1 April 2022, please provide the following information during your first counseling intake call:

  1. When asked who provides your counseling service, state Giving Health.

  2. Using the below list, tell the counseling intake team the name of the partner organization that connected you to Giving Health. If you are not connected with one of the organizations below, identify Giving Health.


Partner Organization 
CareLink - Chris 180 - Good Pill - Good Samaritan Health Center of Atlanta
Hands of Hope Clinic - Healing Bridge Clinic - Mothers Advocacy Project
Partnership Health Center - Place of Hope Clinic - Pleasant Hill - Rapha Clinic

Rock Springs Clinic - Sisters Action Team - The CarePlace - The Giving Kitchen

The Pantry - The Urban Clinic of Atlanta - Two Rivers Health Clinic - Westside Connects

You will continue to have NO-COST counseling services through Giving Health. If you have any questions or require additional assistance, please call Giving Health at 877-824-0099.

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