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The Concerns
For too many Americans, healthcare is a serious concern. 
The high cost of care, lack of physical access, and lack of trust in the healthcare delivery system have signficant adverse impacts on the uninsured and working poor. 
The Problems
Lack of access to affordable healthcare is making people sicker.
  For too many uninsured and working poor, healthcare is a luxury that can't be afforded and is not used when needed. 
Georgia's Need

Georgia regularly ranks in the top 5 of States with the most uninsured residents.  In 2019, 13 percent of Georgians were uninsured. The graphics are compelling - these are the Georgians who will be served by our no-cost telehealth service.
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Several communities on the Westside of Atlanta have high concentrations of uninsured and working poor.  There are many Social Determinants affecting these communities, including the inability to access affordable healthcare. This significantly shortens life expectancy. These communities will be a focus of our no-cost telehealth solution.

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