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8 Dec 2020

An open letter and update to our wonderful donors!

As 2020 draws to a close, all of us at Giving Health wish to express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your support of our mission to provide no-cost telehealth services to the neediest in our communities.

Because of your generosity, Giving Health is currently serving 300 low-income residents who do not have health insurance and live in 11 counties across Metro Atlanta. In 2020, Giving Health’s network of doctors and counselors conducted more than 100 consultations. The following conditions were treated: Asthma, allergies, anxiety, bacterial infections, boils, cold/flu, Covid-19, depression, diabetes, eye irritations, female health issues, hypertension, sinusitis, stress, thyroid disorders, and more.

•Patients reported that Giving Health prevented 54 visits to an urgent care, emergency room, or clinic saving an estimated $48,992 in medical costs – costs these patients could not afford that would have prompted many of them to not seek much needed care.

•64% of consultations resulted in low-cost generic prescriptions. A growing number of patients relied on our service for emergency refills to treat hypertension and type II diabetes.

Feedback received during our first round of targeted surveys revealed the following:

  • 100% of patients who used our medical services reported being “Very Satisfied” or “Somewhat Satisfied” with Giving Health - No Negative Reports.

  • 100% of patients who used our counseling services reported being “ Very Satisfied” with Giving Health - No Negative Reports

  • 94% of respondents wanted the service for another 12 months and 87% indicated they knew family or friends who were struggling and would benefit from our program.

We are so very thankful for your generous support. We could not serve these men, women, and children without you.
As we look to the next several months, we are mindful that many families continue to be adversely impacted by COVID-19 and the associated economic downturn. We are also aware of the difficulties confronting our healthcare system due to the surge in COVID-19 infections, hospitalizations, and the disproportionate toll that this disease is having on underserved communities.

Will you make a charitable donation to Giving Health to enable us to continue and expand our program? Every dollar received before the end of December will be matched by a local foundation up to $5,000!
To make a one-time charitable donation go to:

You can also have purchases made on your credit or debit card rounded-up to the nearest dollar and the change donated to Giving Health. To be a “Changemaker” go to:

Finally, we are blessed to routinely receive positive feedback from patients and their families regarding the important role that Giving Health is playing in their lives. The following testimony is one of many that we received this year.
62-year-old female - overview:

The patient was attempting to manage her hypertension and type II diabetes but was unable to access a doctor for a new prescription. She tried to become a new patient at a local charitable clinic, but they were unable to see her for more than 30 days because of their patient backlog. Fortunately for the patient, this clinic has partnered with Giving Health and she was referred to us for care. It took less than an hour to register her in our system and activate her account. 15 minutes after requesting a consultation she was speaking with one of our physicians who refilled her prescription.

The patient’s daughter was so excited by the quality and timeliness of care that she left the following testimonial: My family's experience with Giving Health was outstanding, exceeding our every expectation. The team at Giving Health is compassionate, patient and most importantly committed to providing vital access to healthcare to the overlooked, at risk and at need. We were treated as partners in our own healthcare process and our concerns met with the highest level of support and care. The experience was also very intimate, surprising given its virtual nature. We are always grateful to this organization and hope our nation takes note. God bless you and your families during this holiday season. Should you have any questions regarding Giving Health or any one of our programs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.


It would be a pleasure to speak with you.




Mike Giglio Executive Director Giving Health, Inc.



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