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Giving Health’s
“How to add Family Members”
Tutorial Guide:

This step-by-step tutorial will allow you to enroll your spouse and children so they can access Giving Health's FREE services!

**If you need assistance adding your spouse or children, call (877) 824-0099**

Follow the steps below to begin:

Giving Health Log-in Portal.png

Step 1: Log-in into your member portal via 
Note: If you have forgotten your password click on "forgot your password".

Step 2: Once you are on the “Member Dashboard” screen, click on the blue circle with three horizontal lines.  This will display all “menu” options.

Note: If working off of a laptop/desktop computer, the menu options will already be displayed.

Full Member Dashboard.png

Step 3: Click the “My Account” option, then click “Dependents”, and then click “+Add a Dependent”.

Account Details Updated.png

Step 4: Add a family member by completing each text box below.  Click "Save" before adding the next family member.

          To add a total of 7 additional family members click on "+Add a Dependent" and repeat this step. 

Note: See the highlighted note below for family members who require a unique email. 

Depedent Email.png


To schedule a consultation return to the main menu and select "Consultations" to begin the process. 

**If you need assistance scheduling a consultation contact (866) 662-1923**

Full Member Dashboard Updated.png
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