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"People Care...
Companies that Care"


Corporate Social responsibility


  Understanding  How  &  Why  

Purpose Driven Profits

Paul Clewell   CEO   Catch 22 Holdings 


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CSR Partnerships

Fists in Solidarity

More than 2 decades of experience and results in successful Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives has proven that SUCCESS comes from having a PLAN.


That Plan looks like this:

  1. Deciding to Care

  2. Choosing What to Care About

  3. A Blueprint for How to Care

  4. Launching the Care Initiative

  5. Assimilating Caring into the Future

CSR Success

Once you accomplish STEP #1, 

Our Team can help you SUCCEED in Steps 2 - 5


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about Giving Health Inc.

STEP #2 is choosing the right SOCIAL CAUSE.  There are tried and true selection criteria.  Our team can create a short list of best-in-class prospects to a CAUSE that resonates with your industry and consumers. It includes analysis and introductions to establish the CSR relationship.  (Ask Us about this Engagement)


To Fast Track your CSR SUCCESS, we have vetted an ideal SOCIAL CAUSE PARTNER that can help your organization maximize its CSR PARTNER INITIATIVE..

The organization Giving Health Inc.  is a 4 year 501 C3 innovator in the health services space. It is the first and only organization of its kind in America. It provides virtual on-demand Health Services to financially challenged families with no health care insurance.


It's 2-year PILOT PROGRAM in Georgia was met with unmatched success providing 24/7 on-demand FREE VIRTUAL HEALTHCARE ACCESS, funded by Giving Health, for an entire family, for pennies on the dollar.

The Nationwide Campaign begins in 2023 to register, enroll, and serve the more than 14 Million income qualified Families throughout the USA.


 EXCLUSIVE Sponsor Opportunities are explained below which place your company in an ideal CSR Partner relationship for both your employees, and your customers. Simply click the link to download. Fast Track your CSR efforts with this innovative TURN KEY PROGRAM.

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