Deliver a first-of-its-kind Telehealth Model
for Individuals & Families in Need,
Removing barriers to accessing Physicians & Counselors
Whenever, & Wherever they need care…for FREE!


The founders have more than 5 Decades of

collective experience in Health Care & Non Profits including:

  • Introducing Innovations into Telehealth, Data Analytics & Predictive modeling, and AI Diagnostics

  • Leading Strategic Planning & Funding for dozens of Healthcare Foundations totaling in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

  • Strategizing, Developing, & Implementing Sustainable Funding for Multi-million dollar non profit budgets.


Life expectancies in Georgia vary widely across the state. Sometimes even within as little as 5 miles. Social Determinants of Health point to a number of contributing factors, including poverty and the lack of access to affordable healthcare in poor communities. The Giving Health team is working hard to address this inequity through its no cost telehealth solution.

in Cooperation with organizations like:

TOLL FREE   877-824-0099

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This groundbreaking program is made possible by generous contributions from companies, individuals, and families in the community.